Thoughts From The Tribe

Join The Fun!

The workshops and playgroups have been a blast and it’s been fun meeting new families! Come join the tribe by signing up to attend yoga, Free Forest School, the playgroup series, or the Transition To Daycare workshop. Discover new ideas and make new friends for you…or just pat yourself on the back for getting out of the house! Pajama pants and coffee mugs are always welcome.

Baby Tribe

When my son was born, I realized how crucial it was to have a supportive tribe to help us navigate all of the beautiful and challenging parts of starting a new family. Everything changed in ways I both expected and that totally blindsided me. Having a tribe around to answer questions, help out, exchange ideas, or just walk and talk together was oh so necessary and really wonderful.

More about me:

I was a teacher for 15 years before I became a stay-at-home mama to my son. Before teaching, I worked in daycares and as a nanny so I have the inside scoop on childcare providers and am happy to share! I have a BA in Health Arts and Science and a Masters degree in Education, where I specialized in child development and alternative early learning models. I’m also a certified Yoga Kids teacher and have a valid Vermont teaching license. I’m passionate about early learning, community-building, and being there for others. I would be honored to be a part of your tribe as you start-or continue-your gorgeous adventure of family hood.